Don't spend months on developing the wrong product.

Minimum helps entrepreneurs build the right product in record time.
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Not your average developers.

Most developers’ approach doesn’t fit early-stage ventures. They have an incentive to make things sound very complex so they can sell as many hours as possible to build it for you.

We do the opposite - we’ll advise you on the smallest step you can take to test your idea with real users. When you need something tangible, we’ve found ways to build it for you in a fraction of the time.
Minimum products are:
Built in weeks, not months
Built with flexible no-code tools, not the latest frameworks
Built with the business in mind, not the technology in mind
Built in many small projects, not one big project


Weekly review

On a weekly basis, we do a video call on how to validate your ideas. We’ll discuss your approach, help you make sense of insights and think along strategically.

It’s like a therapy session, but for your business and there's a lot more jokes.


Interactive prototype

Once you've defined how to solve your customers' problem, test your solution by using an interactive prototype with potential users.

This will confirm whether you have something that users would pay for.
About a week


Minimum viable product

When you've validated your solution, it's time to learn about how users would use your product in real life.

We build your MVP with a heavy focus on getting insights.

This means we'll help with setting hypotheses, tracking key metrics and interpreting results.
1-3 weeks

About us

Your temporary CTOs


Marketer turned designer. Did growth and product for successful startups like Recruitee, Ace & Tate, Charly Cares and InvoiceFinance.

As a growth consultant, he realised that the key to growth is building the right product in the first place.
🏝Canggu, Indonesia


Experience with working for various startups in a technical role. Involved in innovative projects like WeTransfer and Payconiq.

As a developer he realised that a lot of products take too long to build because of overly complex technical design decisions.
🚲 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Saying this as a Product Owner at a start-up; having Youssef in your team and working closely together is a blessing. He is a master at understanding the needs of the ‘business’ and of your customers, proposing solutions that will quickly bring value and give insights at the same time. He’s a guy that doesn’t accept to “fail fast”, but is instead only thinking about how to “learn faster".
Michael, Product Manager at Payconiq
Within a very short time Mike mastered the details of our business. With his growth skills and previous experience he added a lot of value to our in-house team.
Charlotte, Founder at Charly Cares
For years I was grateful to call Mike my colleague, and from that experience I can state w/ certainty that he has the skill set of a true indie maker, a sense of product like an experienced PM and he was in the trenches with startups enough to adopt himself a VC pair of eyes. Combine that with his personality of nothing short of extremely likeable and you definitely want that guy working on your next big thing.
Dusty, Head of Growth at Off the Record
“Mike is broadly oriented (technical skills, data minded & excellent communicator) and knows what to keep the focus on. Besides this it was a pleasure working with him. Don’t miss a chance to work with this guy.”
Patrick, Growth Hacker at InvoiceFinance

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PS. We made this page without code in Webflow, which took us about 10 hours. The illustrations are from icons8. The design is all ours. We don’t have a logo because we don’t need a logo to help people.