Check out what some of the entrepreneurs who worked with us think.
Entrepreneur in Residence at Magoosh
My favourite part was seeing how quickly they could bring our ideas to life. I would throw out some random ideas on a Friday and a few days later we’d have something out in the world and used by our users, which was really awesome and gratifying.
CEO at Riverdog Daycare
I’ve worked on a variety of software products in the past and there’s always a huge translation between the person making the product and those using the product. Minimum has been really great at getting into our shoes and helping us figure out what was going to work.
Founder at KeepWOL
You’re going to end up with exactly what you wanted, even if it wasn’t what you envisioned in the beginning. You’re going to get a product that you really needed and you’re going to get it quickly.
Founder at 1V.GG
Out of any of the no-code agencies that we chatted with, Minimum was the only one that was really innovative and pushed the boundaries of what’s possible within the platforms.
Founder at Goodgigs
What I love is that the team members are all builders, makers and entrepreneurs themselves. So not only will they build a product or a tool for you, they also understand the business side of it.
Founder at Uplift Parents
You wouldn't even know how much you needed them until you’ve actually worked with them, and then you don’t understand how you've ever worked without them.