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No-code builder


We’re Minimum Studio. We’re a product studio that writes very little code. Not because we don’t enjoy coding things (we do), but because we believe the first 90% of apps should be built without a single line of code. 

Using platforms like Webflow, Bubble and Wappler, we create beautiful low-code products with our customers. If we need to extend their features, we build custom integrations ourselves. Code is just the cherry on top of a no-code pie. 

That’s just the technical part though - what’s really important is what that means in practice. While others worry about programming languages, we’re working on the important part: making users happy and helping our clients building their business.

We’re a super small, fully remote company. In the past months we’ve helped customers build all kinds of things, from a coaching app for working mothers to an investment platform for vegan entrepreneurs.

Since clients are happy and more are coming in, we’re looking for a no-code builder to join us as our first hire. 

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Bonus points if you’ve dabbled with other no-code tools and/or have a design background. Extra bonus points if you’re a music snob like us.

Interested? Shoot us an email at mike@minimum.studio.

Don't worry about sending over a detailed resume or CV, we won't read those - just tell us why you'd be a great fit, send over some of your work that you're proud of, or work that inspires you.