Bringing ideas to life is pretty hard. Luckily, it’s not as hard as most programmers will tell you.
Most ideas start off as a simple concept.
Then the questions start to complicate things.

Does this solve any problems?

Will this work as a business?

What am I missing?
To figure things out, we think it’s best to just start with something simple and be quick about it.
We like to start with breaking ideas down to a super small, simple version, cutting out everything that isn’t essential.
Then, we love doing visual programming; this means we drag and drop most of our apps together instead of coding. It helps us build five times faster than traditional agencies.
After that, we work closely together with entrepreneurs, making sense of feedback and fitting everything back together.
We keep building until they have the right perspective about their business, knowing exactly what it should look like.
When that’s done, we’ve done our jobs.
If you’d like to know how that feels, check out what other people think.