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Orange shield icon on white background


Beautiful hand-crafted SVG icons by the makers of Tailwind CSS. This plugin is a small wrapper that makes it easy & straightforward to use these fantastic icons in your bubble app!

Calendar Booking

Build your own calendar booking feature and let this plugin do the heavy lifting of figuring out which time slots are available.
Icon with chat bubble and emojis

Emoji Reactions

Cute little widget to easily add emoji reactions to your bubble app. Great for building features like collecting user feedback, reactions on chat comments or capturing ratings.
Clock with question mark

Current Timezone

A tiny plugin that returns the user's current timezone and locale, according to their device.
User icon with color palette

Name Formatter

Makes it easy to work with people's names. Simply provide a first and last name and get a bunch of common name formats to pick from.
Six circles with weekdays abbreviated

Recurring Scheduler

Build a scheduling feature like Google Calendar. Simply define the rules and get a list of dates as output!