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How we work

We focus on helping you build the right product as quickly as possible. This is what we do to get there:

A bit of product strategy.

We work together with you to define the smallest step you can take to get the right feedback, cutting out everything else.

We design something your users wil love.

We do multiple rounds of design together until we have something we all know is going to look and feel great.

We build quickly with visual programming tools.

We use our favorite tools to drag and drop your app together in no time.

We add some custom code here and there if necessary.

90% of the time, there’s a smaller, more complicated part that we need to build ourselves.

We manage all of this in our remote toolkit.

We use Slack to stay in touch. All the work we do is managed in Notion, video updates are presented to everyone in Loom and we have a shared design in Figma. Every Friday, we call to discuss your priorities and feedback from users.

Our favorite clients

We work really well with a certain type of people. If this describes you, please reach out because you’re exactly our type:

You’re willing to compromise to launch faster.

You’re an entrepeneur or small business who still hasn’t completely figured out their product and/or business model.

You want to start learning very, very quickly.

You can use some help in designing your product as well as building it.

How we can help

Sanity check
We love helping people figure out the best way to test their product idea. Schedule a session with us simply to pick our brain.
Shoot us a message 📭
+- $10k/month
Product team
Being able to change your strategy is important for any new business. With our toolkit and the whole team to your disposal, you’ll have a super flexible way to keep launching.
A monthly rhythm
A smooth flow of designing and launching new features
A designer, builder and programmer to help you build the perfect product.
First Launch
Working with a strict timeline? Collaborate with us for four weeks to quickly define what to build, design something great and get a fully functioning product ready for launch within a few weeks.
Four weeks
A well designed product or platform.
Exactly the right features to validate what you’re doing.
Tech prototype
We usually kick off our collaborations by building a prototype to see if we like each other and find out how your project should be built. If you don’t have faith in us after this, we’re happy to refund the costs.
One week
An interactive proof of concept
A clear guide on how to build your product

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