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Even if you use no-code tools, building new products is a complex exercise. There are so many aspects to consider, so many things to decide on and most importantly, too many ideas to pursue.

We like working for you, but we really, really like working with you. This is how we figure things out:

Pitch us your plan.

It doesn’t matter if you have a rough idea you want to run by us, a massive roadmap you need built, or a set of wireframes you want to share right away. We’ll listen.


Hey Minimum Studio team,

I run Shelf, an early-stage startup in the Ecommerce space. We’re building a community for Ecommerce entrepreneurs to showcase their stores, connect with each other and collaborate. 

We are currently looking for a team to help us build our first MVP and we’re considering using a no-code platform like Bubble. 

We do want to integrate directly with Shopify, so we don’t know whether that’s possible.

Our process

We’ve done this a few times already, so we’ve laid out some steps to build something great.



After your pitch, we start creating a Blueprint right away. We’ll work on this blueprint with you to define what needs to be built, what platforms we’ll use and how much time it’ll cost. Most importantly, we’ll use it to find the most efficient way to launch.

With that, we’ll have a rough estimate on cost and timeline before we continue.


With a discovery project, we try to solve the hardest technical challenge; maybe we need to build a custom coded plugin, consider a few alternative ideas or integrate with an existing platform.

This gives us all an idea on the complexity of the project, but it’s also an opportunity to see whether you like our way of working.

If any of us changes their mind, or it’s not a great fit, we will refund you the full amount.


Once the discovery is done, we will update the blueprint and work with you to map out what we will build, how many weeks it’ll take and when we can start. 

We’ll gather materials that will help us understand your taste and vision for the product.

X weeks of design time
X weeks of build time
Start date


We’ll break down all your apps’ features, customise one of our UI kits and start designing all the flows in your app one by one.

Our workflow is fully asynchronous, recording our thoughts using Loom and sharing all of our work with you in our shared Figma file. This is all neatly organised in our shared Notion roadmap.

From first draft to final page, you’ll be in the loop on every feature and tweak.


We’ll start building the features we’ve designed, one by one. If there’s a custom plugin necessary, our internal plugins team will build it in parallel.

Because of our UI kits, we can build incredibly quickly and stay consistent with our design work.

All of the build progress is tracked within the same Notion roadmap - you’ll be able to see what’s happening, tweak and discuss progress with us directly.



Once the full build is done, you’ll launch your product - most likely, you’ll get some feedback, but you don’t want to re-build your whole product.

In tweak mode, we’ll set aside a set number of hours each month to make small changes to your product and resolve issues.

If you don’t end up using them, no worries! You can save up these hours to build something bigger the next month.


All of our projects are priced at a set weekly rate. Prices are the same for design, build and integration work.

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+ optional $2k/mo for tweaks
What you could build
An online marketplace, with user-generated profiles, content feeds and a custom integration.

Work with us

Pitch us your plan, and we’ll help you break it down to the minimum.

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